You Gotta Know – That Knowledge Is Power

From One Brother To Another, Knowledge is Power. Our lives are so much more than mere games, but the sports analogy is the perfect example to explain what I mean. Do you remember the movie, Remember the Titans? It’s the Disney movie about how a good football team that liked to dance and a little girl … Read more

How The Law Protects You From Dirty Cops

Have you ever heard the saying, “Too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing?” If you don’t know how to use the knowledge that you attain, what’s the point in attaining it? Too many folks learn a couple legal phrases and Supreme Court cases, and they think they’re ready to have a mini-trial on the … Read more

You Gotta Know – About The Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

From One Brother to Another, You gotta know about The Reasonable Expectation of Privacy. Which of these does law enforcement need a warrant to search? Your Safe Your Garage Your Trash If you said, “All of these” Congrats! You’re Right. You’re just as right as the person who said, “None of these.” Come get your prize: … Read more

You Gotta Know – Caselaw: Katz v. United States

About: Katz v. United States Katz v. United States probably, more than any other case, changed law enforcement’s approach to search and seizure. It overruled the long-standing rules developed by Olmstead v. US. So for you to have a proper understanding of Katz, you gotta know something about Olmstead. Go back with me to the … Read more

You Gotta Know – The Problem Isnt Always Racism

Marches, protests, folks trying everything they can to get their voices heard and foster change… As a young black man who shares similarities with the Freddie Grays, Walter Scotts, and Eric Garners of the world, I can’t help but respect and appreciate that. It means alot to see black women, white people, old folks, everybody … Read more

You Gotta Know – About Warrant Exceptions


For every rule, there is an exception.

For the rule requiring warrants for arrests and searches, there are a several exceptions.

Some of the most frequently used exceptions include:

  • Search Incident to Arrest
  • Automobile Exception
  • Exigent Circumstances
  • Hot Pursuit

Those will be explained later. First, I gotta let you know of the most often used warrant exception. It has caused so many people unnecessary heart ache and drama, and they got nobody to blame but themselves.

The Most Used Warrant Exception is:

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You Gotta Know – The Basics About Warrants

From One Brother to Another, You gotta know the Basics About Warrants. Your fourth amendment rights are so important that law enforcement, can’t search you or arrest you a warrant or a warrant exception. A warrant is a document that contains enough of facts for a reasonable fact finder to determine probable cause (For more … Read more